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ARMY Buckles (click here to see a selection of Army Buckles) Navy Buckles (click here to see a selection of Navy Buckles) Air Force Buckles (click here to see a selection of Air Force Buckles)
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Marine Buckles (click here to see a selection of Marine Buckles) Desert Storm, Iraq Buckles, and Afghanistan buckles WWII Buckles (click here to see a selection of World War II Buckles)
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Korean War Buckles (click here to see a selection of Korean War Buckles) Vietnam War Buckles (click here to see a selection of Vietnam War Buckles) POW*MIA and KIA Buckles (click here to see selection)
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Military Aircraft Buckles (click here to see a selection of Military Aircraft Buckles) Other Military Buckles (click here to see a selection of Other Military Buckles) National Guard Buckles (click here to see a selection of National Guard Buckles)
Coast Guard Buckles (click here to see a selection of Coast Guard Buckles)


Buckle Sizes:  Buckles are 3 1/4" wide by 2 1/2" tall -- give or take a quarter inch or so -- unless otherwise stated on the buckle page.  This is considered a good "average sized" buckle for either men or women.
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